Android Application Development

Mobile Apps are the future of computing. With the advancement of network technologies, lowering of mobile data usage cost, growing adoption of smart phones, and increase in application usability has contributed to the growth of mobile application adoption globally.

Already high and ever growing market share of Android devices makes Android application development as the most sought after mobile application development area. Android is a great platform to build applications, whether simple utility apps or serious business apps. Android is a robust opensource mobile platform on which developers can build rich applications using Java programming language. Android supports rich multimedia. Exhaustive set of libraries and support for third party applications help developers build rich Android applications.

Anuna is an expert Android application development company in Pune, India. Experienced and professional Android developers help you build custom applications using Android SDK. Anuna’s mobile application design team gets the desirable UI for your applications.

Anuna’s mobile application development team has deep experience of developing critical business applications. Team has worked on applications of different types – Android device resident applications, resident applications which get synched to web server when they get internet connectivity or the applications which always need internet connectivity. Anuna also has a strong web development team. This team builds solid web back-ends for your Android applications.

Anuna offers mobile apps development for all your needs which helps you achieve your business goals well through well-crafted mobile applications.