Anuna has extensive experience around all phases of an AX Implementation ranging from handling complex & large multi-national AX Implementations to minor local standard AX Implementations.

Anuna provides the highest quality of Microsoft Dynamics AX development services. With a comprehensive functional and technical knowledge of how AX product ties together and an excellent track record of successful end-to-end implementations, Anuna ensures that any Dynamics AX / Axapta development is done following best practices. High consideration is given to overall solution architecture and potential upgrades in future.

Our developers have been working on AX from its earliest versions and today Anuna help is sought by AX partners and end customers to deliver some of the most complex changes in global and local AX implementations. We are often engaged by companies to oversee and review development work of larger teams. In any development work, our technical team ensures that they understand the business requirements that are behind the development specifications. This provides developers better context while making solution enhancements and results in delivery of high quality solutions.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX from Anuna you get all the benefits of a tier one ERP solution to standardize critical business processes, provide greater visibility across your entire organization and simplify regulatory compliance without spending millions of dollars.

Power to Business

  • Invest in a scalable, customized ERP solution with the flexibility to respond to market changes.
  • Manage global manufacturing and supply chains.
  • Reduce your risk and liability with an ERP system that can respond to changing requirements at home and abroad.
  • Simplified management of a complex, international organization.
  • Custom software development with Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Defines service object control and maintain all structured service objects in a systematic manner.
  • Builds a service object as hierarchical structure where maintenance can be provided to all the clients.
  • Enables your business to manage service activities effectively while reducing costs in a streamlined fashion.

The Anuna AX ERP Advantage

Anuna, helps clients make the most of their Dynamics AX ERP investment by providing implementation, training and support that allows clients to optimize their operations and deliver superior customer service.

Valuable Industry Perspective

Microsoft Dynamics prebuilt industry capabilities and enhanced core ERP functionality delivers a rich industry foundation on which our consultants build to maximize your AX investment. Our extensive industry expertise comes from more than 20 years of experience working with project-based professional services organizations. Our certified consultants have developed a deep understanding of key business processes that drive success for these organizations.

A Proven Approach

Anuna Global understands what it takes to successfully implement a new ERP system. It’s not just a new software system. New processes, new ways of doing business, new insights and new ways to collaborate are all competing for attention with your staff. Anuna Global addresses the challenges of a new technology implementation with a combination of effective change management strategies, flexible processes, and agile technology.